10 Things to Remember When Buying on Arabia Cart

I am writing this guide to help ArabiaCart members have a smooth, stress free buying experience on ArabiaCart. The following information are things I have learned through experience myself buying and selling on ArabiaCart. It can help improve your transactions with sellers on ArabiaCart. As I know, your time is very valuable so lets get right to it.


#1 When you bid or buy-it-now, make sure you are committed to buying the auction item.

Make sure you READ the auction and understand what you are about to commit to. Once you hit that Bid or Buy-It-Now button, there is no going back. By clicking that button, you are committing yourself to buying that auction. Something a lot of buyers do not realize is once they have committed to buying, the seller automatically pays fees to ArabiaCart for that sale. If you then decide you do not want what you already committed to, there can be repercussions to your actions. I have seen it time and time again, the buyer wants out, and with no legitimate reason. The seller has already paid final value fees.

As a buyer you should know that a seller can open a non-paying bidder dispute against you.  After 7 days, if the item you purchased has not been paid for, a seller can open this dispute. Messages are sent to you through ArabiaCart letting you know about this

#3 If you do not like the shipping and handling charge, DO NOT BID.

Make sure you know what the shipping and handling charges are for what you are buying before you bid. If you read them and do not agree with them, either contact the seller about it before bidding, or simply move on to another auction. Once you have committed to buying, that means you have read and agree to the shipping charges. It is very unfair and rude to bid the auction and complain and try to change the shipping afterwards. Most auctions state clearly that if you do not agree with the shipping and handling, DO NOT BID. Also, once you have received your order in the mail, if it states that postage charges were say half of the shipping and handling charge you paid, leaving a neutral or negative feedback for the seller is unfair. Again, when you bought the item you agreed that the shipping and handling was fair and reasonable.

#4 Make sure you allow enough time for your order to arrive with combined seller and postal shipping times.

When an auction states that they ship within 2 days of payment, you need to keep a couple of things in mind. Within 2 days means, it will ship from where ever the seller is within 2 business days. If you order Saturday night, your order may not ship until Tuesday,For Saudi Arabia Friday and Saturday is Weekend Also, check how the item will be shipped. If the auction states that the order is shipped priority mail, you can assume another 2-3 business days after the initial 2 business days to ship. Your order will not be on your doorstep within the 2 initial business days. If you want to be sure that the seller shipped within their promised time, check the post date on your order. Punishing with negative or neutral feedback for shipping times can be dangerous. If a seller did indeed ship the way they stated in their auction within the allotted time frame they set and you agreed to, they held up their end of the transaction. The only time a neutral or negative feedback should be given for shipping is if the seller did not ship within the allotted time they stated, and by the means posted in the auction.

A note for international buyers: If you are buying from another country, keep in mind that items shipped (especially) lower $ items are usually shipped first class international. These orders can and sometimes do get caught up in customs. This can hold an order from being delivered within normal international estimated times. Some countries take longer than others. From personal experience, I have found that Canada is one of the countries that when shipped to, orders tend to take longer to arrive.

#5 include your Arabia Cart user information with your payments made by check or money order.

When paying by check or money order, be sure to include your order information with your payment. Many buyers simply send their payment off with no information as to what it is for. Many sellers on ArabiaCart go through 100's of transactions in the time it takes your payment to arrive. Be sure to include the following information with your payment: ArabiaCart username, and item # or email address. Simply including your ArabiaCart username is usually the best way. Why not just include the item #? Well, many sellers have store items that are available in large quantities. This means that many customers can by the same item from the same store auction. When looking up that item #, many sales can appear if it is from a store item. Each item would then have to be clicked into the details to match your name. When using your username, a search will only bring up your purchase. This will speed up the processing of your order, getting it to you faster.

#6 Keep your account info current, to avoid shipping errors and miscommunication.

Make sure when you are going to buy on ArabiaCart that your account information is current. If you are using paypal to pay for your order, make sure that account information is current as well. Being able to communicate between buyer and seller is vital. If your email address is not current, you may not receive messages and notifications concerning your order. This can lead to a misunderstanding between the 2 parties. The seller is trying to contact you the buyer, and you think the seller has forgotten about your order or is taking to long. This can make for a messy transaction for both parties. Also, make sure your shipping address is current in both accounts. If you send payment, and your shipping address is wrong, you order will be going to the wrong address. This will definitely make shipping take a lot longer, and in many cases cost you more money.

#7 Check your Junk Mail folder for messages.

If you have a spam filter on your email, and you have purchased an item off ArabiaCart. Make sure you check your junk mail folder for messages from the seller. Many times communication is lost between you and the seller because of messages being filtered into junk mail and deleted. While many messages can be sent directly through ArabiaCart itself, most notifications from sellers are sent to your email you provided on your ArabiaCart account.

#8 When writing messages, be specific, include order information, and be respectful.

When writing messages to a seller about your order. Including information about your order can be very helpful. Also, make sure your caps lock is off. It can be considered rather rude to send a message written in all caps. It gives the seller the impression that you are yelling. Try to be respectful. When you are frustrated, many times your first thought is to write a message to the seller immediately. That is a fine thought, just make sure your message is worded the way you want it to be. Read it to yourself before sending it. Many typed messages can be misread.escalated transactions can get ugly. Staying calm and collected is your best bet to getting answers quickly.

#9 Make sure you know and agree with the return policy for items they may need to be returned (like clothes and shoes).

If you are buying something that may need to be returned ( like clothing or shoes). Be sure that you fully understand the sellers return policy. If they do not specify one in their auction, contact them to get specific information about it before bidding. If no information about returns is available, DO NOT BID. Its the same shopping at a clothing store. You always know the return policy before you buy it, if there is a chance you might need to return it. The same applies online.

#10 Know the difference between a tracking number and delivery confirmation number, and do not assume your order will have tracking. Ask if you don't know.

More Shipping Info!!!! When you buy an auction, do not assume that your order will have a tracking number. Most orders do have at least delivery confirmation on them, but if you want to know for sure, ask before you bid. Also, delivery confirmation is not the same as a tracking number. If your seller gives you a delivery confirmation number to check, keep in mind that the only time that they have to be scanned is at the time of pick up from seller and the time of delivery to you. If it has been a few days and you check and it still is showing as picked up 3 days ago, that doesn't mean it hasn't been making its way to you. It just means its a delivery confirmation and not a tracking number. A tracking number is always scanned at certain points throughout the shipping process, delivery confirmation is only scanned at the beginning and end.

And finally a freebie,

Have Fun. Shop till you drop. Just keep these things in mind when shopping on ArabiaCart. It can make a big difference in the outcome of your transaction experience.

I hope you have found this guide to be helpful. If you have please feel free to vote "yes" below. Thanks!